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FP&A Insights is a collection of useful case studies from leading international companies and thought leadership insights from FP&A experts. We aim to help you keep track of the best practices in modern FP&A, recognise changes in the ever-evolving world of financial planning and analysis and be well equipped to deal with them.

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FP&A Insights

Self-Service Analytics FP&A
March 19, 2019

By Santosh Kudva, Vice President, Data and Analytics at GE Power

In Part 1 of this article, we explained the data challenges faced by FP&A as well as how the expectations of the FP&A user community has evolved through the generations. In this article, we will explain how the boundaries have changed and the implementation framework.

Brexometer for FP&A Professionals: Branxiety versus Bresilience
March 14, 2019
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By David West, Sales and Marketing Director at Accountagility

There have been two opposing forces at war in the UK for a while now.  Pulling the Accountagility Index (AAX) down is anxiety about Brexit, which is reaching fever pitch in the current febrile political climate. Keeping the score up on the other hand, is the surprising and reassuring underlying strength of the UK economy.

Self-Service Analytics: FP&A Challenges
March 13, 2019

By Santosh Kudva, Vice President, Data and Analytics at GE Power

Any activity or business process executed in the various departments across the enterprise has an impact on the financials. At a macro level, the interaction of the Finance organization with the rest of the enterprise can be bucketed into three categories:

The Illusions of Control
March 12, 2019
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By Bjarte Bogsnes, Senior Advisor Performance Framework at Equinor (formerly Statoil), and Chairman Beyond Budgeting Roundtable

“Control” is an interesting word in the management vocabulary. It is a word many managers struggle with defining. Beyond “cost control”, most are quite vague when it comes to other definitions.