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FP&A Insights is a collection of useful case studies from leading international companies and thought leadership insights from FP&A experts. We aim to help you keep track of the best practices in modern FP&A, recognise changes in the ever-evolving world of financial planning and analysis and be well equipped to deal with them.

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FP&A Insights

Predictive Analytics for FP&A: How to bridge the gap between data and decision making
December 13, 2018

Interview with Sebastian Poduch, Finance Executive experienced in FP&A and Predictive Analytics

We live in a Digital World today, with nearly everything interconnected with each other. Yet many individuals, companies and organizations seek their own ways and explore how to leverage data in the area of Financial Planning, Analysis.

Why Not to Use Spreadsheet-Based Budgeting
December 11, 2018

By Thorsteinn Siglaugsson, Consultant / Corporate trainer / Manager

An INSEAD MBA and entrepreneur Thorsteinn has over 20 years of experience in management, consulting and training. He is chairman of Ultima BV, a company specialized in developing driver-based planning and budgeting solutions. He also runs his own consultancy with a focus on improving business performance, using the Beyond Budgeting approach to planning and budgeting, and the Logical Thinking Process methodology for strategy formulation and improvement programs, both in consulting assignments and corporate training. Thorsteinn is a member of the Beyond Budgeting Roundtable and a certified expert in The Logical Thinking Process.

Thorsteinn Siglaugsson's LinkedIn Profile: www.linkedin.com/in/siglaugsson/

Spreadsheets are a great tool to build and maintain ad-hoc calculations, quickly draft a business plan and create good-looking reports. But when it comes to planning and budgeting in a complex business environment the flexibility of spreadsheets is often quick to become an obstacle instead of an asset in your planning process.

AI/ML FP&A Committee: Insights from the Third Meeting
December 10, 2018
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By Anastasia Chechkova, Content and Event Project Manager at FP&A Trends Group

The Global Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning FP&A Committee was created in March 2018 with the aim to see how the latest developments in those technologies can influence modern Financial Planning and Analytics. On the 14th of November, the Committee held its third meeting. 

Singapore FP&A Board: Team Building
December 7, 2018
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By Maciej Goncerzewicz, Singapore FP&A Board member

On 29th November, FP&A Trends Group held the Singapore FP&A Board Meeting. Over forty senior finance practitioners discussed the challenges, trends and shared best practices in the FP&A field.