Stockholm Board

On 11 May 2016, we took the first successful step in our international expansion by launching the Stockholm FP&A Board with the aim of supporting the best practices and communicating the latest trends in Financial Planning and Analysis to the Swedish finance community.


Please see below for information about our previous and forthcoming events in Stockholm.

  1.  "Latest Trends in FP&A" on 11 May 2016
  2.  "Next Generation FP&A Business Partner Model" on 27 September 2016
  3.  "FP&A Analytical Transformation" on 26 April 2017
  4.  "Why Driver-Based Planning matters for modern FP&A" on 12 October 2017
  5.  "Beyond Budgeting Philosophy: Are we ready to abandon the traditional budget?" on 26 April 2018
  6. "Building Winning Financial Planning and Analysis Teams" on 4 April 2019
  7. "Rolling Forecast: 7 Factors for Success" on 15 October 2019