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FP&A Insights is a collection of useful case studies from leading international companies and thought leadership insights from FP&A experts. We aim to help you keep track of the best practices in modern FP&A, recognise changes in the ever-evolving world of financial planning and analysis and be well equipped to deal with them.

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FP&A Insights

Changing Expectations in FP&A
June 19, 2019

By Siva Raj Jeyarajah, Executive Vice President at Maybank

Finance professionals can serve in a wide variety of areas within an organization. However, some of these areas have had high demands over the last few years, especially the demand for professionals with specific skill sets and experience in business and financial analysis, and data analytics.

Improving Communication With Data Visualizations
June 18, 2019

By John Sanchez, Keynote Speaker, Corporate Trainer and Author

Research shows that the human retina can transmit data to the brain about 60,000 times faster than it can transmit simple text! On top of processing visuals faster, people retain visual information at more than three times the rate of text alone.

FP&A Trends Digest: Issue #2
June 17, 2019

What makes a world-class FP&A professional? Are self-service analytics important for FP&A? And can machine learning improve forecast accuracy? Read the new issue of the FP&A Trends Digest to discover the answers to these questions and more.

Modern FP&A and The Power of Scenario Planning
June 13, 2019

By Larysa Melnychuk, MD of FP&A Trends Group and founder of the International FP&A Board

Most recently, I have been observing significant changes in business models in many organisations around the globe.  Many FP&A Board members say the future can no longer be predicted based on only historical data since we are living in the environment of “unknown unknowns”.