FP&A Trends Digest: Issue #8
FP&A Trends Digest
Issue #8 - 14 December 2019

Dear colleagues,

The 8th FP&A Trends Digest is already here! This time we will look into how FP&A can create value, what is needed to improve the budgeting process and why financial modelling is different from predictive analytics.

We are also excited to share with you a recording from the “Power of Driver Based and Predictive FP&A” webinar.

This is the last FP&A Trends Digest in 2019. It was our pleasure to keep you updated with the latest insights during this year. We wish you a happy and joyful new year and look forward to seeing you in 2020.

More insights will be shared in the coming months – stay in touch!


Best regards,

Larysa Melnychuk

CEO and Founder

FP&A Trends Group

International FP&A Board

Popular Content

FP&A: Are You Providing Insight or Just Information

By Andrew Jepson

There is a stereotype that the main goal of a finance department is to provide information rather than real insight and understanding. FP&A has a chance to eradicate this belief. The question is “how?” Andrew Jepson provides a step-by-step approach on creating value.

What's Broken About Budgeting?

By Gary Cokins

Budgeting is possibly one of the least favourite processes in business. In this article, Gary Cokins lists several reasons for this and also suggests a solution to solve the budgeting conundrum.

FP&A Value Cycle – Data Leadership Strategy

By James Myers

One of the strengths of FP&A is its ability to drive value in an organisation. Therefore, FP&A professionals must focus on three main areas – strategy, business and data. A good understanding of these areas will enable FP&A to guide organisations through uncertainty.

Financial Modelling Innovation: Predictive Analytics vs Financial Modelling

By Lance Rubin and Igor Panivko

Predictive analytics and financial modelling are often confused, yet they are two different things. A financial modelling expert is not necessarily an expert in predictive analytics and vice versa. Lance Rubin and Igor Panivko provide an overview of these two fields and explain the skills that are required for a professional who wants to master either.

Webinar Recording: The Power of Driver Based and Predictive FP&A

Both driver-based planning and FP&A predictive analytics are essential tools for the implementation of flexible and dynamic planning and forecasting processes. Watch the webinar recording to find out more about the future of FP&A predictive analytics and driver-based planning. At the webinar insights were shared by Alex Beired, Global Director of FP&A at Guardian Industries, and Scott Stern, Global Director of Finance Solutions at OneStream Software.

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