FP&A Trends Digest: Issue #5
FP&A Trends Digest
Issue #5 - 13 September 2019

We are happy to share with you the fifth issue of the monthly FP&A Trends Digest.

How can FP&A remain relevant in today's business environment? How do we bridge the missing link between finance and their business partners? How did Konika Minolta implement an algorithmic model for dynamic sales planning?

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Popular Content

Hitting the Target but Missing the Point

By Bjarte Bogsnes

Target setting has become a vital part of many organisations but targets are not a universal remedy. It is generally believed that without targets people will not know what to do. Employees will not be motivated and it will not be possible to evaluate performance. These are common misconceptions which are over-turned in this article. Bjarte shares some thoughts on why sometimes targets can be dangerous and how to avoid this.

Why the FP&A Team Must Demonstrate Leadership in Business Analytics

By Nikolai Petrou

In the modern business environment, FP&A teams are challenged with creating value by embracing new technology. Finance teams that do not adjust to the new requirements will eventually become less relevant. In this article, Nikolai Petrou explores how FP&A teams can become leaders in business analytics and meet the needs of modern data-driven businesses.

The Missing Link Between Finance and Business Partners

By Hyder Hasan

How can we transform finance managers into business managers? Finance business partnering is a method of ensuring this transformation. This article explains why there is a wall between finance staff and their business partners and how we can overcome it.

The Top Three Recommendations for Mastering FP&A Dashboards

By James Myers

Dashboards are a powerful tool to deliver clear messages and drive business behaviour. There are many reasons why they are important, but this article focuses on improving the quality of FP&A dashboards. James Myers shares three recommendations based on his experience. Try them out the next time you are creating a dashboard.

Video: Dynamic and Interactive Sales Planning Based on the Algorithmic Model

By Igor Panivko

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) for FP&A is no longer a tale from a fantasy world. In our video series we have already covered the case studies of Microsoft and PayU. This time we would like to share with you a video explaining how Konika Minolta attempted to solve some of the typical finance function challenges using an algorithmic model. In the video, Igor Panivko talks about harnessing data in FP&A and using dynamic and interactive sales planning.

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