Forward Looking Finance and FP&A with Larysa Melnychuk

Why, according to 70% of UK CFOs, is FP&A the hardest Finance & Accounting role for them to fill?

This is just one of the many questions the well-known FP&A thought leader Larysa Melnychuk answers as well as covering a number of relevant other areas on the podcast with Andrew Codd:

  • Why she challenges those who think the accounting profession is not creative.
  • The 3 areas where FP&A can become less traditional and more valuable to support a quicker more flexible decision-making process.
  • Why it’s hard to find good FP&A professionals with up to 70% of UK CFOs saying it’s the hardest position to fill as well as the solution.
  • What the next 3-5 years will look like for FP&A.

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