The London FP&A Circle meeting on the 12th of February 2019
The London FP&A Circle meeting
 The London FP&A Circle meeting is proudly sponsored by:
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Scenario planning is an important technique for a flexible and dynamic FP&A process that enhances strategic planning and risk management processes. In the analytically mature organisation, the standard approach of “three scenarios” (best, average and worst) is replaced with multiple on-demand scenarios that could be played in real time.

The 8th London FP&A Circle will discuss the advancements and latest trends in Scenario Planning

London FP&A Circle is the educational and networking platform of the International FP&A Board which shares the latest professional trends and developments with the UK FP&A community. The Circle is open to both senior and mid-level finance practitioners. Attendance is complimentary and the event is vendor-agnostic. 


Modern FP&A and The Power of Scenario Planning


Tuesday, 12 February 2019


6-30 pm – 7-00 pm       Registrations, networking, light food and refreshments
7-00 pm – 8-30 pm       Presentations and Q&A
8-30 pm – 9-30 pm       Networking



  • The role of FP&A in scenario planning
  • Modern scenario planning and modelling. Importance of Driver-Based Planning and planning technology
  • A case study from Go Compare: "Scenario Planning: Key Factors for Success", presented by Rhodri de Lloyd, Financial Planning & Analysis Manager at GoCompare
  • The presentation and group work on Scenario Planning and FP&A. Presented and facilitated by Gill Ringland and Patricia Lustig:
    • Gill Ringland, Director at Ethical Reading, author of “Scenario Planning” (the book is used in many Business Schools, including Harvard)
    • Patricia Lustig, CEO at LASA Insight Ltd., author of “Strategic Foresight” and most recently (with Gill Ringland) “Megatrends and how to survive them”
  • Conclusions and recommendations
Meeting Venue:

Michael Page, 1st Floor, Victoria House, Southampton Row, London, WC1B 4JB

Participation in the FP&A Circle events is complimentary and by invitation only, with 50-60 attendees per meeting. The forum is vendor-agnostic and exclusive to finance practitioners.

We will not be able to confirm places for vendors, consultants and the unemployed.

The meeting is oversubscribed and the registration process is closed now.

Please contact us at if you would like us to put you on the cancellation list.