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FP&A People

The Launch of FP&A Board in Singapore on the 29th November 2016

The first meeting of Singapore FP&A Board is proudly sponsored by:

 Michael Page 

The London FP&A Board was created in September 2013 to guide the development and promotion of best practices in FP&A. By the end of 2016, board chapters will have been established in 10 cities in Europe, the Middle East and Asia in order to identify and support new global trends, skillsets, and developments in corporate financial planning and analysis.

The launch of  the Singapore FP&A Board  will take place on Tuesday, 29th November 2016 at the Michael Page Office in Singapore.  The interactive discussion will be devoted to latest global trends in modern Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A).  Sirish Kumar, CEO at, will share his insights on FP&A evolution.

Financial Planning & Analysis in Germany.

By Larysa Melnychuk, Managing Director at FP&A Trends group

FP&A goes by many names. In Germany, it is called “Controlling”.  From my previous visits to Germany, I knew that German Controllers are different from Accountants: they are forward-looking, analytical and often very technical in their approaches.

Recently, I got a great opportunity to learn how FP&A is evolving in Europe’s strongest economy.

I was invited to speak at the first FP&A/Controllers’ event in Hamburg that was organized by IMPLEXA . “It is going to be an unusual format”, Timo Wienefoet , the Managing Partner of IMPLEXA warned. “We will combine our FP&A discussion with wine tasting”....