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July 30, 2019

By Kedar Kale, FP&A Manager at Hala

Organisations often struggle to find a balance between their long-term strategic objectives and short-term goals. Being a key player in an organization’s strategy setting and...

July 19, 2019

By Chris Ortega, Director of Finance at Emarsys, USA

The decision cycle will help you and your association make knowledgeable decisions that drive exceptional results. I myself use this very process when making...

May 30, 2018

By Michael J. Huthwaite, Founder and CEO of FinanceSeer LLC 

For organizations looking to get the most out of their driver-based planning and rolling forecasting initiatives, it is critical to realize that these terms apply in both...

May 2, 2018

By Dean Sorensen, Founder of IBP Collaborative

The cost of complexity can be significant – upwards of 5% of sales in global organizations. Forward-thinking FP&A leaders can play a significant role in realizing this...

April 26, 2018

By Michael J. Huthwaite, Founder and CEO of FinanceSeer LLC 

If done correctly, Strategic Finance can represent an immense value-add to your organization while at the same time, reduce the costly time and effort of the Budgeting process...

February 22, 2018

By Niels Van Hove, Supply Chain consultant, Mental Toughness coach and S&OP/IBP expert at Truebridges

The statistics reveal that 60%-90% of strategy implementations fail and only 14% of executives are satisfied with the execution of a strategy...