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A good sketch is better than a long speech – 5 benefits of data visualisation tools

By Ian Yates,  Managing Director at Barcanet

“A good sketch is better than a long speech…” a quote often attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte.

Companies are collecting, organising, storing, and analysing data from hundreds of sources, and the volume is increasing exponentially. But this data is only relevant if it can be used to drive outcomes and make timely business decisions. So it is essential to you can understand and evaluate the data quickly, and this is where data visualisation comes in.

The Rolling Forecast Philosophy: Time to Abandon the Budget?

By Ernie Humphrey, CEO at Treasury Careers

Rolling Forecasts are an essential tool for financial planning and analysis (FP&A), with the potential to radically transform the traditional corporate budgeting process. If implemented properly, a rolling forecast expands planning horizons, reduces planning cycles, and helps in executing organizational strategies. 

I hear you want to be an FP&A professional. Well then you need….

By Amrish Shah, Snr Finance & Operations Director, The Netherlands

Yes, exactly. What does it take to become a good or even great FP&A professional? Beyond the more technical elements required, for example, an affinity with numbers (not unimportant!), with information systems and so forth.

What I want to list is in my experience those QUALITIES that I have found in people who I have worked with, worked for and who have worked for me in an FP&A domain that I found to be particularly effective in driving the FP&A agenda forward within their responsibility domain. I deliberately do not want to use either the word skills nor competencies, as these two words are fraught with misunderstanding and tend to create more confusion then clarity.

Address the 6 key challenges in creating value from your data

By Ian Yates,  Managing Director at Barcanet

To create value from data, you do need a big data strategy – right?

Well, actually, probably not.  According to Gartner, the ‘all-encompassing data strategy’ fails around 60% of the time.  In fact, Gartner have even stopped publishing a Big Data ‘Hype Cycle’ (their measure of maturity and adoption of technologies).


Fractal FP&A: How to Apply the 80/20 Pattern

By Karl Kern, Founder/President, Kern Analytics LLC

As a word fractal is not frequently used in conversation.  As a concept fractal is frequently present in our lives.  Its presence is evident in nature.

The concept of a fractal was established in large part by the work of Benoit Mandelbrot, a mathematician whose work covered a wide and diverse number of disciplines.  Perhaps the most notable example of how he established the concept of a fractal was his study of England’s coastlines.  What his study identified was sections of England’s coastlines resembled the coastlines as a whole.  This resemblance has been labeled self-similar.  Self-similar, or self-similarity, has affected a number of studies related to science.  Self-similarity is not restricted to science.  Self-similarity exists in FP&A which I saw first-hand.