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Becoming The FP&A Business Partner – What To Consider Beforehand

By Tijana Balotic Truong, Performance Management Professional

Becoming a business partner is usually a choice. There are several areas to consider when preparing for your new way of working:

  • Yourself
  • People you care about
  • Your team
  • Your peers and future partners

How FP&A takes the CFO to school and adds strategic value

By Timo Wienefoet, Managing Partner at IMPLEXA GmbH

The dusk of Management Taylorism is the dawn for the strategic CxO. Constant cooperation, communication and deep business process knowledge are the answer to digitalization, data lakes and disruptive threats. The opportunity for Finance is to extend resource allocation and financial planning towards becoming the trusted strategic advisor beyond the mere financials. How can FP&A support this achievement? 

Strategic Planning is about ‘Talks & Figures’

By: Richard Reinderhoff, Freelance Consultant Strategy & Operations​

A ‘financial’ strategist is a strategist first, and a financial second. For decades financials have been applying solutions to become a strategic business partner for the C-suite, from financial engineering and tax planning, to centralising (global) operations and deep analytics today. To avoid drilling deeper and still find nothing, reverse engineering the strategic role of the financial will show another route to be of value and increase the yield on IRR or profits with double digits…