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London FP&A Board

The London FP&A Board meeting is proudly sponsored by:
 Michael Page

The Overview

High-quality financial planning and analysis (FP&A) can give organisations clarity on:

•the external environment

•business performance and core competencies

•strategic options

However, the current practice of FP&A is held back by the following:

•lacks  of clearly defined principles and standards of practice

•limited visibility

•limited professional resources

The London FP&A Board was formed on the 19th of September 2013 to bring FP&A professionals to address the above.

The Board

The Board is a collection of senior financial planning & analysis experts, with hundreds of years of experience collectively between them, which seeks to advance the profession. It operates on a non-profit basis and is based in London, UK, with chapters around the world contributing to case studies, training tips, best practice recommendations, networking events and other initiatives designed to help the advance FP&A.  

London FP&A Board is intended to support the best practices and to communicate latest trends in Financial Planning and Analysis.  

The members meet regularly throughout the year,  have a lively LinkedIn Group (2,300+members globally) and actively develop  social media and the professional online resource FP&A Trends. 

The Method of Work

•Debates and discussions

•Sharing case studies and practical examples


•Maintaining lively LinkedIn Group discussion, delivering high-quality content through social media and the community blog. 

•The conclusions and recommendations from  the advisory board are published on the “FP&A Trends” website  for the benefit of overall FP&A community

The Mission

The mission of the London FP&A Board is to guide the development and promotion of best practices in modern FP&A, identify and support new trends, skillsets, and developments.

The Principles

  • Senior FP&A Executives
  • Meet on a regular basis
  • Democratic selection of topics for discussion/debate
  • Not for profit
  • Not for promoting special interest goods or services

Previous Meetings:

Since the formation, London FP&A Board had the following nine meetings:

1.London FP&A Board Formation: Mission, Goals and Principles (September 2013)

2.What Makes an Ideal FP&A Professional (December 2013)

3.Key Tech Requirements of an FP&A System (February 2014)

4.Insight Management Puts Data to Use (May 2014)

5.FP&A Data Visualisation  (September 2014)

6.Moving FP&A toward Advanced Analytics (December 2014)

7.Latest Trends in FP&A (April 2015)

8.London FP&A Board: New Strategic Plan (November 2015)

9.Challenges for the 21st Century FP&A: Sense-making and Storytelling (January 2016)

10. FP&A Analytical Transformation (March 2016)

11. 18 May 2016. Rolling Forecast Best Practices

12. 22 June 2016. Best Practices in Driver-Based Planning

13. 15 September 2016. The Evolution of FP&A Business Partnering

14.  15 November 2016.  Long-Range and Strategic  Planning. Evolution of Strategic Finance

15.   2 February  2017. Integrated FP&A: How to Harmonize Organisational Planning Processes.

16.   20 April  2017. FP&A Team Building


Future Meetings:

  • 21 September 2017. Beyond Budgeting: Are we ready to abandon the traditional process?
  • 21 November 2017. FP&A Transformation: What does it require?