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Webinar: FP&A Transformation Becoming Agile, Adaptable and Predictive

For quite some time CFOs and the finance community have been talking about transforming the finance function, becoming better business partners and focusing on the value-add, strategic activities.

At the core of that transformation is FP&A, as activities like business planning, business unit strategy, investment allocation, and predictive analytics become important to fulfill finance’s new, expanded position within the company.

But to do that, FP&A itself must transform and change from its traditional flux analysis and flash reports to a much more modern and cutting edge department within the company. When starting to embark on your own FP&A Transformation journey, there are a couple of principles you need to keep in mind.

On the 7th of June 2017, in partnership with a USA webinar guru Ernie Humphrey , CEO at  Treasury Careers,   we recorded our first global FP&A Webinar.  It shares the insights of the International FP&A Board on FP&A Advanced Analytics and FP&A Analytics Maturity Model.

Thomas Lundell, Director of FP&A and Business Control (EMEA) at NetApp, and a member of the Amsterdam FP&A Board shares his experience on FP&A Transformation. The webinar also features insights from Ernie Humphrey  ,CEO at  Treasury Careers and Larysa Melnychuk, Founder and Managing Director at the FP&A Trends Group and International FP&A Board.