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FP&A: Technology, Trends & Empowerment

A groundbreaking survey designed to benchmark current and emerging trends relative to how companies are leveraging technology and empowering FP&A professionals to unlock the strategic value of FP&A.

Three renowned FP&A thought leaders have teamed up to launch the first annual "FP&A Empowerment: The Evolution of Technology & Trends Survey" (
The role of the CFO is changing: It’s moving away from compliance and optimization, towards a more strategic; customer facing disruptive role. But how empowered are their FP&A teams to support them in this new world?
The goals of this survey are to identify and analyze current and emerging trends relative to: 

  • How companies are leveraging technology.
  • The maturity of their Analytics solutions.
  • How much time is spent on value-adding activities?
  • The effectiveness and efficiency their Planning Processes.
  • The willingness of executives to listen and invest in FP&A.

We invite FP&A and Finance Leaders to help us create valuable benchmarks and receive a complimentary survey report relative to your company's demographic.